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This blog is a dumping ground for all my thoughts. It mostly seems to be about my personal life. In such posts, I stay as close to the truth as possiblei, but things like names or locations have been made fuzzy to protect the anonymity of other people involved.

A San Francisco Love Affair

2014-06-29 14:52:00 +0000

This is a story about Tammy.

It is a long, rambling tale that came to exist in very roundabout way. In fact, if it weren't for a long chair of strange events, it may never have happened at all.

Careless in Alaska

2013-10-11 07:00:00 +0000

I grew up in a suburban backwater in the Bay Area over the hill from Oakland. As a young child, Pleasanton was a fair place to grow up. It had many parks and recreational sports teams, low crime and decent schools. Quoting the Wikipedia page:

I am the Suicide Hotline

2012-09-28 07:00:00 +0000

Back during freshman year of college, my typical Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights consisted of me drinking heavily with friends. We'd hop between house parties, flagrantly hit on women, get rejected, make a 2:00am burrito run, then usually end up stumbling back to our dorm rooms. One particular night during winter quarter, I decided to do some post-partying drunk facebooking and redditing.

I opened my laptop and poked around for just a couple of minutes before I realized I needed sleep. Right as I was moving to close things down, I got an fbook chat message from Jimmy.

LSD, Bicycles, and Violins

2012-09-14 07:00:00 +0000

Update: At the time of this event, I remember it being one of the best days I'd experienced. In the following months and years I remembered it that way, and I still do. Yet upon rereading it, I find that it comes across rather apprehensive, neurotic, and even discontented. Strange.

Note: This was written the day after the event while still in a hallucinogenic haze, save the last paragraphs.

The summer of 2011 was the first real summer I'd had since middle school. I mean that in the sense of no job, no school, and no real responsibilities. I could have taken some classes or worked part time at one of my old jobs on campus, but since I'd be graduating the next year and likely starting a career, I didn't think I'd ever have another youthful, lazy summer, and I intended to maximize the one that lay before me.