Untitled 14

2018-11-04 11:08:25 +0000

i am not
a participant
in this world

what one calls guardian
another calls foolish,
self-anointed world-rim-walker

it wasn’t my choice
not wholly
i was compelled, forced

i saw the scorched earth
and said
not today, not again

so i ventured
out into the night
to hunter the hunters

i learned their footprints
stalked them to their camps
picked them off from high ground

when they were desperate
i became them
the scourge from within

i was their nightmare
and they were mine
and we were our own heroes

the townsfolk found the bodies
and cried out
against he who kills

i, fiendish one
i, unwanted executioner

those i protect didn’t know
my face, my name
i could have returned

i could have slipped in
resumed my life

but i was too long gone
too deep into the night
enveloped in the darkness

it was my friend
and lover

sometimes i can hear
their music
see their campfires

the festivities
of the people
i could have been

but that is not my role
i want no part
in their world

i exist
so that those who come next
can build something better